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Maltby Produce Markets, Inc

Maltby Produce Markets is a true ‘year round’ produce market that sells fresh fruits and vegetables every day of the year.  Fruits and vegetables that have been grown by us at Marshland Orchards in the Snohomish Valley, in Western Washington.   Maltby Produce Markets/Marshland Orchards is a division of Flower World, Inc. who has been in business since the early 70’s, growing and marketing plants – from annuals and perennials to foliage plants and nursery stock and also related to its sister company FreshWater Creek Farms, Ltd. in Belize. 

Now our products will also be available throughout the US (with the exception of California) via this digital store.  This combination of efforts from our four companies will make it possible to offer you not only locally produced herbs and vegetables but also the tropical products in dried form.

Products like Apple Cider Vinegars and dried Apple Fries are the result of the apples that are grown and harvested at Marshland Orchards as well as many years of growing fresh vegetables and herbs that lead us to preserving them by drying these products.  We started drying to preserve the fresh products when the harvests are too large for the local demand, but also to keep our employees employed during the winter time.

We found that the market for tropical dried fruits and dried herbs is dominated by imports from China and other countries and there are some serious concerns about the food safety of these imported products. We  found that the vinegars based on apple cider imports (again from China) prompted a national discussion how the arsenic levels of these imports could harm children.  

All of these factors led us to go nationwide with our products as an alternative for the US customers.  We can and will insure that the food safety chain is maintained.


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